4.25" x 6.88" book
This project is about my personal experiences with anxiety, including the experiences of some others. It started as a journaling project, to collect my own experiences with anxiety, then evolved into a series of comics. I then put this collection of comics into a book.
This project evolved a great amount over time before it was resolved into this form. I fought with myself over the idea of an illustrative project for one of my final pieces in my undergrad. I felt in the beginning that it was the easy way out. In the end, it became a project that was more comforting than anything. To see the responses of other people and how their anxiety affected them was very interesting. I felt like we were connected to each other through different but very similar experiences.
I chose this small size to reflect the original size of the sketchbook I used to create the comics. It was a very tiny and personal book, and I wanted this book with digitized comics to hold that same personal element in it. I chose the color because it was a neutral combination of blue and purple, creating a calm but vibrant color.
This book became very personal to me, and in a way, hard to share. 
Below is a video of the finished book.
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