After creating the f(x)/EXO crossover album cover, I decided I should do another one. This album specifically was difficult to figure out how to recreate. The album I was recreating was Red Light by once again f(x) and the group I was using was Seventeen and their album Boys Be. Seventeen is a group of 13 members total but split into three different sub-groups. In this album I used the vocal team, because it is the only five member sub-group and I felt that would be the best for this album cover. The first thing that I found was difficult was finding clear pictures from this album. The four in the back are from the same phoshoot but the quality isn't as good as the picture in the front so they're blurry. Originally, I was going to make the color scheme the same as f(x)'s but it didn't look right with the pictures of the members so I used the color scheme that is in the Boys Be album. To create the pink overlay, I first made the pictures grayscale and then applied the overlay. After that, I added in the flowers and recolored them from their original color, oversaturating them to make them look posterized. Finally, I added in the Seventeen logo and the copyright information, which I just made up for the sake of this just being a fun recreation. This was another one of my favorite projects to make!
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