This project is a continuation of the other Seventeen and f(x) crossover project. I figured since I made an album cover for the vocal team, I might as well make one for the Hip-hop team and Performance team as well. To create this, I used the same methods as the first project, cutting out images of the hip-hop team, grayscaling them and putting a pink overlay on them. Once again, I had trouble finding good pictures for this, and oddly enough, the pictures I used aren't even from the Boys Be album. They were from the same photoshoot and had good quality so I went ahead and used them. The only one that isn't from the same photoshoot is the member on the far left, which is why he's not as good of quality as the rest of the members. For the copyright information, I just made up what I thought would be right again. Lastly, I added the member's names on the bottom and added the Boys Be title at the top, adding the stars and the logo like in the original album.
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